One Day at a Time

As a child I was involved in dance and I LOVED it.  But when I was 13 I quit because I wasn’t from the same town as the other girls and they didn’t like me…Looking back now, I was bullied out of doing something I love.  I quit. And I was not raised to be a quitter.  When I was 16 I was a cheerleader. I wore a size 5 in juniors. And I thought of myself as overweight.  I did not exercise- except for practice once a week and games.

By the time I was in college, exercise was a faint memory. I did take the required PE class (for my liberal arts education). It was a step aerobics class, and I enjoyed it.  But….it was only once a week.  I went to school in a beautiful small town right along a one way road divided by a railroad track, a multimillion dollar gym and fitness center for students, and a beautiful campus. But I never took advantage of it. My senior year I took a walking class to complete my liberal arts education. But…. that was also once a week.

After three years of college and all of the omelets, french toast, burgers, fries, smoothies, candy, etc. that I could handle, little to no exercising and I had gained at least 15 pounds. THEN came the whopper.  I started law school.  Who has time to exercise in law school??? I didn’t.  I had just enough time to go to class, have friends, study, and relax. Exercise? yeah right! Don’t get me wrong, I joined the gym once, for about a week, I tried to run, but it hurt my feet too much, I did pilates, once in a blue moon. By the end of my second year in law school I had gotten to my heaviest weight.  After a friend’s wedding photos were developed and I saw how large I had gotten, I realized it was time for a change.


IMG_2675             High school cheerleader  to college freshman to first year law student

So I joined weight watchers. I lost 25 pounds. I learned to eat healthier. I graduated from law school. I started my own law firm. Exercise was STILL not a part of my life. I gained about 8-10 pounds back. So I joined Jenny Craig. I actually started exercising. I lost 30 pounds and finally reached what I felt was a healthy goal weight and was about the same size as I was when I graduated high school. I even became a runner, with encouragement from my (almost) husband.

I thought I had it all figured out. Whole wheat bread. More fruits. More vegetables. Lower calories, fat free, reduced sugar, more exercise…

Then I got married, started eating out more, and gained 15 pounds again. THEN I got pregnant, gained another 47 pounds while pregnant. By the time Macon was born, I was so miserably uncomfortable that I took the last week off work before my due date. I didn’t do much exercise when I was pregnant because I was just so scared that I would hurt my baby.  I had a miscarriage about 6 months before getting pregnant with Macon and I was just so scared all the time.  Looking back now, I realize that not exercising was much more dangerous to Macon than doing pregnancy safe exercises.


Learning to balance a full time job with being a wife and mother and all the responsibilities that go along with that was a long process.  I lost a good amount of weight just from nursing. But I wasn’t healthy and my body wasn’t strong.  In January 2015, I finally started exercising again. I ran, did the elliptical, different workout videos, watched my calories and lost 10 pounds. Then I would gain 3, lose 5, gain 5, lose 2. That went on for a YEAR!

So this January I decided it was time to really make a change for the rest of my life. I joined a 21 day Fix Challenge Group. I knew it would cost some money to buy Shakeology and the exercise program. But I saw it as an investment in my health. I wanted to be healthy to live out God’s plan for my life and my mission field (primarily in raising my son).  I have lost 6.5 pound so far.  Its not a HUGE number.

BUT for me the biggest changes have been the 3.5 inches I have lost at my belly button. The 3 inches in my waist. The 3 inches above my chest. I sleep better. I ache less. I have much more energy. I do not have the cravings that I used to have. I know so much more about what I am putting in my body because I prepare 99.9% of it myself. I read the labels and understand more about what I am reading. I exercise at least 30 minutes a day, at least 6 days a week. And I love it. (Sure, the first week I was so sore it hurt to stand up, but it got better, because I got stronger!). I have had some cookies and cupcakes on special occasions, and a couple dinners out. I am still trying to lose at least 9 more pounds. But I am living life with the intention of being the healthiest me that I can be.  I became a Beach Body coach so that I would be accountable to others to continue with my health and fitness goals.

I am learning to take everything day by day. One. Day. At. A. Time!

I know that the enemy is trying to attack me and bring me down, make me revert to bad behaviors, make me decide that I don’t need to exercise, that I can have that pasta and cake and cookies everyday. But I know that when I ask God to give me the courage, support, and strength to avoid those temptations, to do everything in moderation, that He will allow me to be successful as I do everything for His Glory!




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