Looking for Moms

I have been a mom for 2 years now. Well actually 2 years, 10 months since I became a mom the moment I discovered I was pregnant.  Being a working mom has not always been easy but it is what has been best for my family. Our son has been going to a great school and has learned so much!!  His favorite word these days is ‘quesadilla’!


I’m sure you know that 2 year old children, particularly little boys, are extremely active.  Last year I realized that I was not going to be able to keep up with him if I didn’t work on myself so I started eating healthier and lost some weight.  But then I was still always tired, never feeling like I was able to do all the things that I needed to do to be the best wife and mother. And the breaking point was at Christmas when my button popped on my jeans!  I was mortified!


In January, I started a 21 Day Fix Challenge Group and my entire life has changed.  With one little step!  You can read more about my experience with 21 Day Fix and how my journey started here.

I truly have made this a lifestyle.  I rarely eat processed foods and when I do, it might be 3-5 chips.  Not a whole bag.  I can eat a cookie and not go back for the whole plate!  I am able to manage it so much better now.  I do not have cravings anymore.  I have so much more energy, sleep better, and exercise everyday.  I exercise every day which gives me an opportunity to clear my head, have 30 minutes for myself, take care of my body, and gives me the ability to take care of all my other responsibilities.  Shakeology has been the biggest tool for me because it is a sweet treat that is actually equivalent to eating 6 salads!  But tastes like dessert!  It helps to control my blood sugar levels, keeps me full, reduces cravings, gives me energy and aids in better digestion.


After a month I decided I wanted more. I wanted to stick to it. I wanted something to “force” me to stick to it this time and keep this as a lifestyle. So I signed up to be a coach, to save money on my Shakeology and maybe make a little extra money.  But after about 2 days of being a coach and engaging with other coaches, I decided to go ALL in to give my best shot at making this a business.  I have been having so much fun!  I run challenge groups every month of other people who are doing a Beachbody fitness and meal plan including Shakeology. I give them daily encouragement, support, and advice.  Meanwhile, I am learning, growing and encouraging myself. I post daily on my regular Facebook page, my like page, my blog and my challenge groups to inspire and encourage others to make healthy changes in their lives.  And I have now earned enough money to cover the 3 programs and 4 months of Shakeology that I have purchased with money left over!  And my team is growing every single day!  I have been a part of some amazing trainings and actually did my first training for my team this week!
If you are a stay-at-home mom who wants to find a way to focus on your health AND make some extra money, then this is the opportunity for you!
If you are a mom who works full-time but you want to one day have the option of leaving your full-time job to have more flexibility in your life, then this is the opportunity for you!
Do you just want to have some extra spending money and help provide financial stability for your family?  Then this is the opportunity for you!
Do you want to earn some awesome incentives, rewards, and FREE  VACATIONS? All possible with Beachbody!!
I still work full-time. But NOW, I have this extra “job” that I do where I get to focus on my health and fitness, HELP others to make healthy changes in their lives, inspire people to join me, mentor new coaches, and am part of an amazing group of women (and men) changing lives every single day!  And there are TONS of coaches who have grown their business so that they are able to QUIT their corporate jobs to devote themselves entirely to their Beachbody Health & Fitness business every day!
I would love to have you join Team Fit For His Glory.  If you’re interested, please fill out the application below:



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