Front Door Project

I have been trying to find something for my front door for a while now.  I attempted to make a wreath a few months ago and I did.  But it really wasn’t that cute.  I don’t love the toil fluffy wreaths.  I am not great at adding flowers wreaths without making it look like a 2 year old did it.  This weekend I decided to attempt to make something for the front door that is not a wreath.

So off to A.C. Moore I went.  I wandered up and down the aisles until I came across a cute little blank wooden sign that I figured I could do something with.  What? I wasn’t sure.  So then I grabbed some grey, antique white, and teal paint with no further plans.

After searching on Pinterest for a bit, I found a few pieces of inspiration.

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So then I set off to design my own sign.  While watching one of my all-time favorite shows- “Gilmore Girls.”


Next step was to figure out my base color.  I started with the grey but it was too solid. So I decided to take a risk and went over it really softly and loosely with the antique white.


Next was to try my hand at a pretty little daisy– which happens to be my favorite flower and free-handing a pretty little “A.”


Next was trying to figure out if I should put more- like my full name, year we were married, etc.  After printing off some different fonts and cutting out my own stencils then tracing them. Finding the perfect placement was an interesting process that required approval from my husband and my son!


Next it was time to paint.  This took a long time.  Including my sweet husband taking a trip to Dollar General for me to get some smaller paint brushes.


And finally, so the finished product would last after being outside in the elements, a few coats of polyurethane, and it is done and ready to hang!


I had so much fun!  I challenge you all to find something fun and easy to personalize your home!  And with the paint and the sign, this was a $10 project!!




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